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    Alley Fighter

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    The ALLEY FIGHTER is designed for fast and efficient means of delivering high flows of water to any scene.

    The lightweight unit is easily placed into position and used with our LDH HOSE creating a portable above ground firefighting system.

    Available in many combinations which will help departments deliver high volumes of water to the next fire, emergency or natural disaster.

    Unit is equipped with:

    • 4 Total Discharge Valves 2 1/2”
    • 5 Pressure Gauges
    • 4 Drain Valves
    • 4 Caps with Cables
    • Large Diameter Inlet Female Swivel
    • Rear Adjustable Pressure Relief Valve
    • 2 Carrying Handles
    • Lightweight and Durable, Aluminum Welded Frame


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    AFM-1 Alley Fighter

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