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    Back Outlet Body

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    Back Outlet Body

    This line of manifold bodies can be installed for inlet or outlet connections.(Other accessories may be needed based on installation)

    Benefits & Features:

    • Light weight aluminum bodies
    • High Pressure Rating
    • Various colors & finishes (Standard color “RED”)
    • Laser etching on most models (Pump Test Conn.,Standpipe, Auto Spkr, Etc.)


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    Made to Order

    Part ID Product Option
    FDM4N3N-2B Back Outlet Body
    FDM6N3N-3B Back Outlet Body
    FDM6G3N-3B Back Outlet Body
    FDM6N3N-4B Back Outlet Body
    FDM6G3N-4B Back Outlet Body
    FDM6N3N-6B Back Outlet Body
    FDM6G3N-6B Back Outlet Body
    FDM8N3N-6B Back Outlet Bodyb
    FDM8G3N-6B Back Outlet Body

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