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    Storz Security Lock

    Storz Security Lock

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    The STORZ SECURITY LOCK is a stainless steel device that can be installed on “any 4” or 5” storz fitting” to safely secure and lock Caps, Valves, or Hoses. When installed on Fire Sprinkler Storz Connections we recommend using a “Break Away” lock.


    • Protect Fire Hydrant Waterways
    • Deter Theft of Caps
    • Prevent Entry of Obstructions to Fire Sprinkler Systems Connections
    • Secure Temporary or Emergency Hose Lines and Valves
    • Use to Tag/Lock Out “out of service hydrants

    Note: padlock not included



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    Part ID Product Option
    SSMSL4 Stainless sheet metal storz lock for use with padlocks (pair) 4" Storz
    SSMSL5 Stainless Sheet metal storz lock for use with padlocks (pair) 5” Storz

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